“Sooo Yummy!”

“Tasted like I was eating fresh picked strawberries! Loved!”

– Melissa W.

Delicious Red Strawberries mixed to perfection with each bite leaving you wanting more chunks of sweetness.

cookie dough
Creamy & Delightful. It’s a party for your taste buds in every bite.

piña colada
Need a beach vacation? This sweet treat will place you in your paradise.

cake batter
Creamy. Colorful. Its a party for your taste buds.

Your frozen pot of brew before noon, childhood dreams really do come true.

pineapple lemonade
This Exotic and Tangy Flavor will go great with your next outdoor adventure. Taste sweet bits of pineapple in every bite.

Classic favorite for all ages. Smoothed to perfection.

key lime pie
The bright tangy flavor of Key Lime Pie, frozen and perfectly portioned in each bite.

sweet tea lemonade
Southern glass of sweetness on a stick.

blueberry cream
Our “Back the Blue” Pop to support our law enforcement. Keeping Summer time around all year long with this decadent, smooth, fresh, & creamy flavor

salted watermelon
You can imagine this as a “Picnic on a Stick!”

chocolate coconut
Tastes like your favorite chocolate/coconut candy bar, but frozen. Rich & Creamy chocolate mixed with pieces of coconut throughout. Enjoyment in every bite!

orange cream
Little Piece of East TN on a Stick! Classic Orangesicle just got a whole lot healthier with keeping the same traditional sweetness!

chocolate banana 
Rich Chocolate paired with sweet bananas makes this a crowd favorite.

blackberry limeade
Created for the 2017 Eclipse. This is a tart, cool, & refreshing summertime drink on a stick.

apple spice
Natural Apples spiced to perfection to celebrate Fall. Southern Fall tradition on a stick.

pumpkin pie
It’s a southern thing. The amazing southern pumpkin pie that Grandma makes…just on a stick.

mint chocolate
Mint and chocolate are perfect flavor mates, mint crispness perfectly completes the creamy richness of chocolate!

cranberry orange
Perfect amount of Sweetness combined with Tartness = Holiday Spirit on a stick!

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